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Filexible changes by demand

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Client Penetrating


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Coca-Cola New Year Parties with slogan “Race to the top” were held in 3 cities. With one aligning concept – Formula One circuits, the event was decorated from foyer to ballroom, motivating every member the same spirit – Victory Spirit, preparing for 2018 – the year for Coca-Cola team, together, create a glorious journey with the same goal – Becoming first ranked beverage company in Vietnam.

With the key message “Fascinate the User” & combining all Bosch PT products’ functions in the same space. The decorations & activities made the different experience that the dealers can understand the development of Bosch PT & enhance the strong connection to dealers in Vietnam

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemical companies, and Shell Vietnam aimed to organize an internal event to adward the excellent employees of the year and to cheer for its success of the business year The poin of the event is to setup an ourdoor stage, compound an internal uniqued company song and support their BoD to have an excellence performance.

AMWAY YEAR END PARTY 2017 with retro concept brings Amway members together in spring. Fascinated music, unique decoration connect not only the un forgettable atmosphere but also great Amway family in Hanoi as well as Ho Chi Minh.

An entertainment and a greeting of VNA to 2017. Taking idea of “Flying with the future”, we turned the hall into a party of the times: colorful and vibrant. The key message was fully conveyed to all over 200 participants. The performances were performed by company’s talents but still very professional and distinctive.

VKPC by SCG group has a formal grand opening event for PM2 (new production line). There were 280 VIP guests joined the event: customers, suppliers, partners, authorities, …

Virbac – Animal Health Brand – Annual Year-End party was operated with formal celebration the greatest staffs in year and interesting Gala Dinner.Christmas is also a shopping season for everyone. In this occasion, Home Credit want to bring a great shopping experience by their wonderful service and a well decoration game corner which create joyful for anyone.

With a long-standing reputation in the market, Siemens always has high demands on aesthetics as well as quality in each of their products. Seni Art is proud to be a longtime partner with Siemens in design and implementation of its products in recent years.

Motul truck park show with tagline: “Experience the difference of Motul Tekma advance lubricant” were held in 3 big cities in Viet nam : Ho Chi Minh, Da nang, Ha Noi, across 5 truck stations. After the show, audience will recognize the strong power and high quality of Motul Tekma advance lubricant

Tasa participated in Vietbuild at SECC on 23rd – 27th June 2017, Seni Art was responsible for booth design and set up. On 24th June 2017, we organized Tasa customer conference with 560 guests. The show was great with the appearance of celebrities: MC Thanh Bach, MC Que Tran, Singer Hoang Thuy Linh and Singer To My. The interactive opening dance expressed new 80cm – sized technology from Tasa. makes the event shine and express Thanh Long success!

We are in-charged at providing all items for event (POSM, game tools, tent house, stage…) & gain client’s trust during last 4 years.

ADAMA, is one of the world's leading crop protection companies The point of the event is the key LED screen interact performance to unveil the huge mockup of the Product, when the LED screen twist 180o on the main stage.

 Concept - Vietnamese Spice Journey

With the participation of close customers of Binh Duong Mineral Group, a professional and joyful show was held. It was a great opportunity to connect the company and its customers, the products and Bimico’s history as well as to entertain participants with guest bands and singers.

Can Tho City, 06th September 2017
Attendant: 200 Dealers

With full service & responsibility from establishing ticket – holding event and connect to communication campaign, SeniArt takes the idea of a social network connecting businesses together and following the message of our client, a modern show that featured the link of business owners based on technology was created. In this program, we brought almost 1000 entrepreneurs close to each other.

Celebration & congratulation for excellent staffs, from attractive 10 cars display in ballroom to interesting performances make the night quite gorgeous!

SeniArt proud of being the key partner to design, décor and setup for this Vietnam biggest trade promotion programme. We bring to the Adwards two uniqued stages and a meaning exhibition area.

With the key message “Đồng hành cùng thịnh vượng”, a luxury atmosphere was created to create a full experience for Dam Ca Mau’s dealers.

Bold and strong impressions from Indian & Victory are decorated all over the area. These giant and beautiful motorbikes are ready to be the great partners with Vietnamese, through Press Conference and Gala Dinner of brand ceremony. Here we go!

Hoan My is a Interior Decoration and Design On 16.12.2017, they hold a Grand Opening for their 9th showroom, which marked the first showroom in Saigon. Hoan My Sala, 12 Nguyen Co Thach, District 2.

Subaru organizes a demo track to test the brake & balance system of the cars: Levorg, Outback, Forester & XV.

Aino Sofia New Brand Launching was operated like the fashion show (from Japanese & French designers) on the swimming pool uniquely & specially, with the appearance of many Vietnam super models & French director.

An Annual conference which is held by Thanh Long. This is the very first time, the conference operated in Ha Noi with the theme "Following the Halow". The event was inspired by diamond halo and decorated by geo-metric style. This makes the event shine and express Thanh Long success!

VCCI-HCM end up the 2nd phase of their project name SCORE VN. SeniArt take full ressponsibility to design and decoration for the event. The poin of the event is not only production and setup, but it required to harmonize the comercial purpose and the meaning of each decotaion items. We prounded of our understanding about the brand to meet our customer need.

Concept “Let’s bounce back”: Getting back with stronger energy to conquer a greater height

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